101 in 1001

101 {things} in 1001 {days}

Beginning January 19, 2015 

Ends October 16, 2017


1. Come up with 101 goals! {January 18, 2015}

2. Inspire someone to write their own 101 in 1001 list

3. Save enough money to buy a new car {February  21, 2015}

4. Unplug from all technology for 48 hours

5. Go to bed at 10pm every night for two weeks {Pretty much the entire month of March 2015}

6. Wake up at 5:30am every morning for two weeks

7. Work out every other day for two months {March & April 2015}

8. Reach 5,000 followers on Instagram

9. Prepare/cook breakfast every day for one week

10. Pack a lunch every day for one week

11. Cook dinner using a new recipe

12. Go one month without shopping

13. Teach Gunner how to sit, lay down, roll over, and come on command

14. Wash until my laundry basket is EMPTY

15. Take 10 Pure Barre classes {January 2016}

16. Read at least ten new books {The Girl on The Train, Grey, The Innocent Man, The Good Girl, The Madwoman Upstairs…}

17. Read at least 30 minutes every day for one week

18. Find the perfect shade of red lipstick

19. Drink 8 glasses of water each day for at least one week

20. Organize all of my digital pictures into folders

21. Be completely self-sufficient financially

22. Go three consecutive months without exceeding my data limit WOOHOO!

23. Go an entire year without locking my keys in my car

24. Overcome my fear of the sea

25. Have a “pinch me” moment {December, 2015}

26. Update my resume {March 6, 2015}


27. Start a new blog series with another blogger

28. Write a blog series about MLB stadiums + photos of my MLB t-shirt collection

29. Blog every other day for two weeks

30. Buy a domain name for my blog

31. Make blog business cards

32. Write a guest post for a renowned blog/website

33. Have a blogger write a guest post for Lessons with A

34. Buy Photoshop

35. Pass the Praxis for Elementary Education or High School Education

36. Take the GRE

37. Apply for graduate school

38. Receive a Master’s degree

39. Create an original lesson plan to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

40. Plan a month’s worth of lesson plans in advance

{Family & Friends}

41. Plan a weekend getaway/reunion with friends from high school

42. Send flowers to a friend or family member {May 2015}

43. Give 10 “just because” gifts {4 down, 6 to go}

44. Have my brother (Logan) visit for a weekend

45. Run a 5k with my stepmom

46. Run a 5k with my dad

47. Learn how to cook my grandmother’s pastry

48. Celebrate my brother’s (Logan) acceptance to college {He’s going to UNC..woo hoo!}

49. Have a “girls day” with my sister and my mom

50. Celebrate a milestone with a loved one

51. Celebrate Gunner’s 1st birthday {July 19, 2015}

52. Host a Thanksgiving dinner

53. Surprise a loved one with tickets to an event {Jimmy Buffett, April 2016}

54. Attend a wedding  {October & December 2015, June 2016}

{Charlotte & Raleigh}

55. Try fifteen new restaurants/bars in Charlotte/Raleigh

56. Take Gunner for a walk/run through a park

57. Run the entire Four Mile Creek Greenway {June 2015}

58. Enjoy a glass of wine overlooking Charlotte outside of Fahrenheit restaurant

59. Decorate a Christmas tree for my apartment {H’s apartment, December 2015}

60. Have a picnic in a park

61. Go to a food truck festival

62. Go on a hike

63. Try Beasley’s Chicken + Honey in Raleigh

64. Visit the State Farmers Market in Raleigh  {June 2015}


65. Visit two MLB stadiums that I haven’t been to before {Yankee Stadium, June 2015 & Rogers Centre, August 2016}}

66. Travel somewhere outside of the United States {Jamaica, April 2015 & Canada, August 2016}

67. Travel to a state that I haven’t been to before {New York,  June 2015}

68. Explore a new city on a bicycle {Toronto, August 2016}

69. Hang a world map and pin places that I have traveled to

70. Spend a weekend in the mountains {December, 2015}

71. Spend a weekend in Charleston, SC

72. Go sailing {December 2015}

73. Eat at the Atlantic Seafood Company in Boston, MA

74. Visit an aquarium that I haven’t been to before {Ripleys Aquarium in Toronto, Ontario}

75. Set foot in every continent

{Just for fun!}

76. Instagram a picture of every goal I accomplish

77. Run a half-marathon

78. Learn how to write & read braille

79. Take a cooking lesson {If you haven’t taken a cooking class at Sur La Table before, you must!}

80. Visit two wineries that I haven’t been to before {Gregory Vineyards}

81. Go skydiving

82. Watch an entire series on Netflix/ HBO

83. Attend four concerts {Sugar Ray, American Roots Music Festival, Thomas Rhett/Jason Aldean, Jimmy Buffett}

84. Try yoga for at least a month {March 2015}

85. Become flexible enough to do a split

86. Pay for a stranger’s meal/order

87. Watch the sun rise 

88. Complete 4 DIY Pinterest worthy projects {2 down, 2 to go}

89. See a movie outdoors

90. Get a couples massage

91. Ride in a hot-air balloon

92. Go to a midnight showing of a new movie

93. Try a juice cleanse

94. Go to a beer festival {Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ Festival, August 2015}

95. Have a spa day with a girlfriend

96. Go to a wine festival {North Carolina Wine Festival, November 2015}

97. Go on an unplanned road trip {Atlantic Beach, 2016}

98. See a drive-in movie

99. Do a polar bear plunge

100. Paint a piece of art to display in my home {December, 2016}

101. Find my own happiness.