Summer Must Haves!

Hi loves! Today I thought I would post some of my summer “must haves”.

  1. Stud Earrings! These {starfish earrings} say you’re fun and ready for summer! Or, a nautical themed pair would fit the bill as well. 
  2. Ruffle Swimsuit! I absolutely love swimsuits from Target. Plus, they are always affordable and super-cute! 
  3. Statement Necklace! This particular necklace is from {Vestique}. A bright, neon necklace is the perfect accessory to any summer outfit!
  4. Floppy Hat! Because every beach babe needs a little shade from the sun 🙂
  5. Phone Case! This Lilly Pulitzer {phone case} is the perfect accessory for your iPhone. All of the summer patterns remind me of the beach…gotta love the starfish! 
  6. Nail Polish! This nail polish by Essie is called Pilates Hottie. The color is simple, pretty, and goes great with any skin tone! Yes, even those of us who are not bronze goddesses…
  7. Mint Dress! This mint, peplum dress from {Vestique} is a must have for your summer wardrobe! You can dress it up for a special occasion or dress it down for a casual walk around the boardwalk! 
  8. Wedges! These nude wedges are from Target and will go with ANY summer outfit! Although nude does go with everything don’t be afraid to grab a colored pair too! 
  9. Sunglasses! These tortoise shades are from {Anthropologie}. They are adorable and do not break the bank…if you know what I mean! The perfect shades for a summer diva
Here is an example of items 3, 8, and 9 from my list! My mint peplum dress, statement necklace, and coral wedges are from a boutique on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina called Almost Pink! It’s an absolutely adorable little store that I would highly recommend. My friend, Philip, is wearing a coral button up and fabric-band Timex watch from J.Crew. The khaki shorts are from Polo and his shoes are Vans. 
Hope this post was helpful! Please leave your own suggestions of summer must haves!

With love, APJ

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