Moscato Girl/ Simply Southern

Hi loves! I have exciting news!!! Yesterday I was notified by my favorite Twitter account that I was selected as their Moscato Girl of the Month! I am so thrilled to receive such a high honor! 😉

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been moving out of my apartment this week. It’s definitely been a transition, but I’m finally getting comfortable in my “new” home. Yesterday I went to get my hair trimmed but came home with a stacked bob! I absolutely love my new haircut!

Every southern girl needs a pair of cowgirl boots! I love mine from {Ariat}. 
Both my dress and belt are from {Target}. 
I’ve been crafting lately in my spare time! The yellow A and L are both pieces I painted last year for my apartment and my brother’s room. I just recently painted Logan a navy L with coral polka-dots to match his new bedding theme. I’ve also been painting for my friend’s birthday, but those will be revealed in a post later in August! 🙂
Hope everyone else is having a fabulous week thus far! Only one more day until the weekend!
With love, APJ 

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