Hello again! Doesn’t this week feel like it’s passing by so slowly?! Maybe it has something to do with the cold and dreary weather? Anyways, today I have decided to participate in What I’m Loving Wednesday…enjoy!
I’ve always had an obsession with rings, but there’s only one problem…I have the smallest fingers ever! Recently I have been swooning over a couple of dainty rings that would look perfect on my fingers! I mean…how precious is this mini bow ring from Madewell?! If only my student teaching internship was a paid position…*sigh*.
Yesterday my brother, who has amazing style might I add, took back his Tory Burch iPhone case that he lent me for a couple of months. As beautiful as the iPhone is without a case we all know what a necessity it is to have one. Especially for a clumsy woman who is always on the go like myself! I stumbled across this Kate Spade iPhone 4/4s case on eBay and I knew I had to have it! I mean…this fabulous case depicts a young, stylish woman with short blonde hair wearing yellow heels. Meant to be? I THINK SO! The problem with eBay is that you can’t always just “buy it now”, sometimes you have to outbid other individuals who are also interested. I am pleased to say that last night I was the highest bidder–victory is mine! 
You know what else I’m loving? Graduation. No explanation needed 🙂 
Lastly, I’m really loving the idea of painting while drinking wine! This upcoming Saturday,Philip and I are planning to attend “Date Night” hosted by Wine & Design in Raleigh, NC with another couple. I can’t wait to sip some wine, have a few good laughs, and paint a Picasso style portrait of Philip!
Stay tuned for pictures! Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this!

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6 comments on “WILW

  1. adore the phone case, am so excited for you to graduate (did you make that banner thing? so cute), can't wait to see photos of your wine and design experience and LOVE YOU!

  2. Ours is called wine and canvas! It is so fun, I'm sure you'll have a blast! Congrats on the upcoming graduation!


  3. I wish you were in Raleigh so you and Will could join us! Yes, I've been playing around with graduation announcements! I believe these are from TinyPrints.com. Can't wait to share the photos! Missing you! xoxo

  4. Can't wait for the phone case to come in!! It's seriously PERFECT for you!

  5. i nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I love seeing your post and sincerely thought you deserved it!

    see my latest post for the details of the award!


    Breckenridge Clare

  6. I can't wait either! I do have to admit…I was inspired by your KS case! 🙂

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