November Leaves

If you haven’t gone outside yet today you should…The weather is perfect and the leaves look absolutely gorgeous! Once again, can you believe that this entire outfit is from Target? In my previous post, Polka Dots & Leopard, I created the perfect ensemble for a girl’s night out on the town. Today, I paired this purple, oversized sweater with leggings, a pair of black ankle boots, and dainty gold accessories to create a “comfy Sunday” look. Stay tuned tomorrow for an update of my trip to Charlotte this weekend! xoxo

 photo signature_zpsc45a297f.png

5 comments on “November Leaves

  1. I just love target! They have everything. That sweater looks super comfy!


  2. love this post! I wish I could pull off leggings with ankle boots and a sweater but I don't think it will work!

  3. I completely agree! I highly recommend the sweater…it's perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

  4. You are precious!!! High five for this Target outfit. That place can do NO wrong!! 🙂 It takes a chunk a change from my bank account every month!!!

  5. Kristin, I agree that an oversized sweater and leggings isn't always the most flattering outfit. But, these two items paired together can also make for a comfy “around the house” look as well! You never know…you may be surprised!

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