There is hope

A week has passed since I opened up about my heartache and wrote the post You are not alone. The response I have received from friends and followers has been awe-inspiring and I am forever grateful for all of the love and support. I have considered creating an inspirational series that would address the many struggles that young women face during their twenties…but for now a sequel will just have to suffice!  

I have had a numerous amount of women tell me this week how strong, wise, and mature I am to be handling my situation with such grace and hope. One of my absolute favorite bloggers wrote to me in an email, “The faith and hope that shone through that email (even though you may not have realized it) has me looking up to you and the way you are walking through the hardest time”. But that’s just it…I don’t feel strong or courageous. And truth be told, I have had many moments of weakness in the past week! There have been multiple mornings when I have woken up with puffy, red eyes and my hair matted to my face from the tears I cried during the night. But each morning, before I get out of bed, I say a prayer to God and ask Him to be close to my broken heart and save me for I’m crushed in spirit (Psalms 34:18). I find myself talking to God often and finding comfort that He is always listening. 
Of course I have been staying super busy with my student-teaching internship and applying for jobs. On Thursday, I went to Charlotte to visit my very best friend Melissa, from Simply Sweet Melissa. We shared many laughs and tears over the duration of the weekend and I am so unbelievably blessed to have her in my life. Before my interviews on Friday she gifted me The Message: SOLO- An Uncommon Devotional. The author, Peterson, created this devotional with guided meditations that help you better understand yourself and the God who created you. I have read a page every night since Friday and I can already feel my spirits being lifted!
I also need to take a moment to rave about this precious little jewelry shop in Charlotte that Melissa took me to on Friday afternoon called On A String Bead Shop. You will not believe how many beads there were to choose from and you could make any type of bracelet or necklace that your heart desired! In the picture above you can see two (out of the three) bracelets that I made…I guess you could say that I’m obsessed. Melissa, if you’re reading this, can we go back again next time I’m in town?!
I know that many of you out there don’t want to read a blog post about my personal life, but I am hoping that by sharing my journey of finding myself through God’s word will bring other young women closer to Him in their time of need. I also encourage others to be open and honest about their situation and understand that even though we may not be able to see it now, God has great plans for each of us if we place our faith in Him. Remember, the word “alone” does not and never has lived inside the word lonely. 

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4 comments on “There is hope

  1. Apple Jacks! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I had the best time with you last week. From the laughs, to the tears, to the hugs and many heartfelt and personally conversations we had, I hope you know how much you are loved and how important and special you are to me! I am so thankful for God putting you in my life and can't wait for many more years of friendship together with you! Love the bracelets and of course we can go back when you come back to Charlotte! Keep your head held high because God has a plan for you my dear.

  2. Alyssa,

    I actually stumbled upon your blog on the day you posted about your current struggles and I have to say it was definitely a moment of God working his wonder because I am currently experiencing similar feelings as a woman in her 20's and I was meant to come across your post. It was such a comfort to see someone else like me talking openly about deeply emotional inner conflicts. Thank you for being brave enough to speak openly about it. Love your blog & I'm sending you good vibes and light.

  3. God is so great Melissa! Can't wait to celebrate with you so soon! I LOVE YOU!

  4. Alex, thank you for your kind words! God is always working wonders in our life, even when we don't see it OR believe it! I hope you find comfort during this difficult time for you…don't be afraid to email me at if you ever need a friend or just someone to vent to! Sending prayers your way!! xoxo

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