Girls in Glasses

J.Crew Blouse (similar here) / Target Pants / Target Heels / Michael Kors Clutch / Kate Spade Watch
“Boys make passes at girls in glasses.” 
-Kate Spade 
Whew! Can we just take a minute and reflect on how crazy the past two weeks have been?! Although it has been an overwhelming process, I am finally becoming acclimated to Charlotte and my new job. I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who reached out to me through emails, comments, and texts over the duration of the past two weeks! I have taken every piece of advice and/or words of encouragement to heart and I know that with time (and experience) everything will be better! 
Lately I have noticed how versatile my closet is…and I love it! With the help of a few accessories I can make most of my “teacher outfits” perfect for a night out on the town! These leopard print heels immediately turn my business casual look into a chic statement, and my gold MK clutch is the perfect size for going out!
 Happy hour after work, anyone?

4 comments on “Girls in Glasses

  1. Cute heels! And isn't it so exciting when you find out your favorite teaching outfits can actually be cute in “real life” too? I just love it!

  2. Love your sense of style! I would love to see what your classroom looks like and can't wait to hear more about your new job. 🙂

  3. Cutie! loving this look on you! And those heels are so precious 🙂 Love you, AJ!

  4. Love the outfit! Glad you are settling in here.

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