Watercolor Sunrise

While I’m off chasing my own dreams,
Sailing around the world,
Please know that I’m yours to keep,
My beautiful girl.
Friends, let me introduce you to the most lovely iPhone app ever…drum roll please…“Waterlogue”. My wonderful blogger bestie Kate (@lonestarsouthern) introduced the app on her blog yesterday, and I couldn’t resist spending the majority of my snow day turning my favorite Instagram photos (@apjacks) into luminous watercolors! Although the app has a $3.00 price tag, I believe the beautiful results exceed the cost! Wouldn’t you say so?!

4 comments on “Watercolor Sunrise

  1. This is the coolest app!! And you have such pretty photos!
    Thanks for sharing girl 🙂

  2. Oh my heavens if I don't get this app I am going to go CRAZY! haha (However, I have an android) Luckily the hubster has an Iphone so I am getting this as soon as I see him! Thanks for sharing, the pics are gorgeous!

  3. SO glad you love it! It's still amazing to me how incredible pictures turn out… I LOVE the one of you at the beach in that sun hat! My next project is getting them printed. Hopefully they're as beautiful then too! Love you cutie!!!

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