focus on the good

Whew…where did the time go?! In light of going back into work tomorrow I thought I would do a quick highlight of my summer break! Many of you may have noticed that I have taken an “extended” leave of absence from blogging, which is such a shame because writing brings me so much joy. But I needed some time to heal myself and the past couple of months have brought me just that! I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my family, and because of that my brother and I are closer than ever. I celebrated 23 years of a full life and I moved into an apartment with my dear friend, Bethany. I also visited my fifth major league baseball stadium and enjoyed multiple mini-vacas at the beach. My summer has been filled with sun, laughs, adventures, new faces, and love….and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It may be a slow, gradual process, but I am excited to start blogging again! 
Oh and have I mentioned before how much I love my job? I couldn’t resist sharing this precious email that I received from a sweet student of mine a couple of weeks ago…
Ms. Jackson, this past week I feel that God has been convicting me to send you an email about how great of a teacher (and friend) that you have been to me. You have been such a positive role model in my life this past school year! Not only were you a great teacher, but you really cared about us! You never got angry or upset if we didn’t understand, but instead you would go over and over it again until we understood. Before you came to UA we didn’t have a teacher for a few months, but when you came, you made everything so clear! I have never gotten a 4 on the Math EOG before, but I did this year! You never gave up on us, and you really believed in us! I know that it got really hectic at times when we would have to cram multiple lessons in a week, but you still stayed by our side and stayed calm at the same time. I honestly do not know of any teacher that could have done a better job than you did! Of all of the teachers that I have had so far, you have made the most impact on my life! I will never forget you and all that you have taught us, whether it was about math, life in general, and character.”
My life has seriously been the biggest blessing lately! 

1 comment on “focus on the good

  1. What a sweet e-mail from your student!! That must have been such a blessing to receive. 🙂 Happy to hear that you've had such a great summer so far!

    xoxo A

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