Stripes & Florals

“I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect- they are much more interesting.”
-Marc Jacobs 
I swear, my mom is the best when it comes to finding cute clothes on sale at Target! It’s no secret that I love maxi-dresses…and pattern mixing is a huge trend right now. Personally, I think this unusual combination of black and white stripes and bright florals are to-die-for! Plus the sheer, flowing material of the bottom allows for the perfect amount of beach breeze. Now the humidity on the other hand is a completely different story…I’ll let my hair in these pictures speak for itself 😉
We’re halfway to Friday, loves!

3 comments on “Stripes & Florals

  1. looooooooving this look!! you look great!!

  2. Target for the win!! Stripes and floral always look so great together. xo

  3. Target always the best stuff! I love everything about this dress!

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