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Incase you missed it, my previous (and first) Trending Tuesday link-up was about conquering those nerve-wracking first dates! But what happens after you’ve made it past the first date? How do you determine if the person you just met is worth pursuing further dates? Unfortunately, I know that it’s not that simple. As with any healthy relationship it takes time to truly get to know someone, and sometimes we learn more about a person at the end of a relationship than at the beginning. But, I have decided to compose my own list of 9 qualities of a man worth dating, which I believe to be a loose guideline of attributes that every man should possess. *It should be noted that these are solely based upon my opinions and preferences, and that these are qualities that I, too, strive to acquire.
1.  The man that you date should be genuine. He should be genuine in his intentions and pursuit of getting to know you. The man you date will view you as a person, not treat you as an object.

2. The man that you date should be able to communicate effectively. And please don’t get me wrong, I love to text (guilty on the emoticons, too)! It’s a simple, innovative means of communication that allows two individuals to quickly “speak” throughout the day. But even so, texting is still a detached and impersonal form of interaction. The man that you date will realize that while social media outlets are great ways of staying in touch, they are not a means to an end.

3. The man that you date should be ambitious. He should show a strong desire to succeed in every facet of his life. I have often found that the most ambitious guys are extremely dedicated to their jobs, but they know how to balance their priorities appropriately.

4. The man that you date should be humble. Gentlemen, please do not be confused…Strength and humility are not mutually exclusive attributes. It is possible to be a confident, strong man, while also acknowledging that you can not do everything on your own.

5. The man you date should be accommodating. He should be willing to do anything for you, just as you should be willing to do anything for him (within reason). Compromise is a crucial component to successful relationships and both parties must be willing to respect and listen the other’s interests/opinions.

6. The man you date should be appreciative. He should value the life, family, and opportunities that God has blessed him with. This may be one of those qualities that I personally admire, but it means the world to me when a guy appreciates the things I do for him (especially the little things) and doesn’t take our relationship for granted.

7. The man you date should be honest. He should be trustworthy and truthful about his relationships with other females. I don’t know why I even have to include this, but I do…the man that you should date will NOT cheat on you in any way, shape, or form. If the situation is questionable, then you should not be dating him. He has agreed to be in a committed relationship with you and should be willing to uphold his promise! 

8. The man that you date should be accepting. He wont judge the fact that you’re petrified of bugs, or that you enjoy spending perfectly beautiful days inside a movie theater watching Marvel films. The man that you date will value you for who you are…quirks and all!

9. The man you date should be a gentleman. I guess it can be argued that a gentleman encompasses all of the previous qualities listed, but I am referring to the true definition of a gentleman: chivalrous. He should open your car door for you and pull out your chair in a restaurant. He should make you feel safe, and you will never have to worry about him saying anything inappropriate or rude in front of your family. The man you date should be a mature, polite gentleman who is the perfect balance of wit and charm!
It’s crazy to think that I’ve had this post saved as a draft since May, but a part of me just wasn’t ready to share this list publicly…I’m sure my fellow bloggers have felt this way before!

In other news, I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale. If not, you better hurry and take advantage of the amazing deals while you still have a chance! I’m so excited with my purchases and I can’t wait to share what I bought…my bank account is excited, too!
Have a great Tuesday, loves!

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  1. whoohoo! glad you finally shared this. so true.

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