My Favorite Things: Christmas Wish List

Ribbon Collar Necklace || Don’t you just love how statement necklaces can make ordinary outfits go from drab to fab? This ribbon collar necklace from Nordstrom is so classy and chic…I love it!

Globe Charm & “I Love My Dog” Charm || My Pandora bracelet is one of my favorite accessories because with each charm that I add, my unique “story” grows! Too bad the charm doesn’t say “I’m obsessed with my dog” hehe 😉

 Chateau Parka || I have a feeling it’s going to be an extremely cold winter in North Carolina, and this super-cute jacket from J.Crew is exactly what I need to keep me warm and toasty throughout the upcoming months!

 Roll-Sleeve Bow Tee || As a teacher, you can never have too many cute tops and sweaters that are appropriate for work. I always find these items, along with dress pants, at the top of my wish lists!

GiGi New York Uber Clutch || I’ve had my eye on a GiGi New York clutch for some time now and Christmas is the perfect time to splurge on a new handbag, right?!

 Hunter Boots || Hunter Boots are always a seasonal staple and this burgundy color is to die for!

Kate Spade “Two of a Kind” Bar Set || Bows + wine (I’m sensing a common theme here…)? Need I say more?!

*I’ve also asked Santa for a nice camera this Christmas…fingers crossed!!

Wanna share what’s on your wish list this Christmas? Link up with AprilEliseZelle, and Katie to join the fun! xoxo

5 comments on “My Favorite Things: Christmas Wish List

  1. That jacket looks fabulous and I hope you get your camera, I love mine!

  2. Love that wine set and especially since its Kate Spade! And the color of those hunter boots!

  3. Please regift your old camera to this girl! Lol

  4. Love that coat! Those hunter boots are a really pretty color!

  5. I received a Gigi clutch recently as a bridesmaids gift and I loooove it! Great wishlist Alyssa, thanks for linking up with us!

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