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What’s Coming Will Come

Guess what y’all? Life happened, again. I’ve moved back to Raleigh, started teaching at a new school, and traveled to some of the most amazing places…all in the span of the past couple of months. One thing I love about this little space of mine is that I don’t feel pressured to be a certain type of blogger. I know this is a place were I can share my thoughts, whether it be on life or fashion, and I love that my followers allow me to do just that: write. 
I’ve been so happy lately. I’m not sure exactly what it is. Maybe it’s because I started running. Maybe the new job and new school. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve stopped overthinking and I started to just simply live. But something definitely changed within me a couple of months ago and it’s been for the best. I’ve been able to cross a few things off my 101 in 1001 list and I couldn’t be more excited! I sent flowers to a friend (#42), ran the entire Four Mile Creek Greenway before I left Charlotte (#57), visited the State Farmers Market in Raleigh (#64), traveled somewhere out of the United States (#66),  and I traveled to a state I’ve never been to before (#67). I’ve also been reading more, checked another MLB stadium off my list, and I’ve been training for a half-marathon coming up in November. It’s so much fun to accomplish new things, and I have already started planning more items I want to do after I have completed my current list! Please, please, please follow me on Instagram if you do not already do so (@apjacks). I have found that it is a quick and easy way to share day-to-day happenings and whatnot. Plus, who doesn’t love Instagram?! 
 I hate that I haven’t been able to focus on LWA as much as I would like to…I really do have a passion for blogging and I hope to one day develop this site into something bigger. But for now, taking time away and enjoying each day without any additional pressure seems like the best decision. Life is just too short not to. I don’t have everything figured out. And I would like to believe that no one in their twenties really does. But if there is one thing I have learned it’s that what’s coming will come and I’ll meet it when it does. 

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