coffee date

Can y’all believe that October is almost over? The past couple of months have been filled with so much laughter and friendship, and for that I am thankful. Although I rarely have time to post on LWA, I have been able to find so much positive inspiration within the blogging community lately. I figured I would take some time today to share with y’all some recent life happenings and pictures…let’s think of this as a coffee date / catch-up sesh. This post may seem a little redundant, but I have faith you can stick it out until the end! 😉
So with respect to the season, grab yourself a pumpkin spiced beverage and enjoy! 
Instagram (@apjacks): You may have noticed the “LiketoKnow.it” link attached to my recent Instagram pictures. Essentially, it is a way for followers to shop their favorite Instagram posts! If you are interested all you have to do is sign-up and then either: 1. “like” the photo and an email gets sent to you with the product details or 2. type the URL into your browser and shop from there!  Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding the application.
101 in 1001: I have not been able to check off nearly as many items from my 101 in 1001 list as I had hoped to by now (or my October bucket list for that matter…face palm), but I have been busy filling my time with some other notable activities like a wedding…and college football! Fingers crossed for a weekend getaway soon! A girl can dream, right? 
What makes you happy? A little over a month ago I created a running list of things that make me happy on my iPhone. I decided to share with you some things on my list, but don’t judge. Some of them are rather silly!…“Sunflowers. Dancing. Marvel movies. Pictures. Shopping. Pasta. Beach music. Blueberry beer. Forehead kisses. Running. Surprises. Dates. Sailboats. Monograms. Presents. Carving pumpkins. Baseball t-shirts. Friends. Tailgates. Sporting clays. Floppy hats. Sushi. Gunner (my puppy). Brunch. Oversized sweatshirts. Vests. Peppermint hot chocolate. Teaching. Sweet text messages.” 
If you are someone who finds yourself easily discouraged, I highly recommend you create your own list of things that put an instant smile on your face! I add to my list every now and then, and it serves as a simple day-to-day reminder that life is good 🙂
xoxo, A

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