North Carolina Weather

I swear, North Carolina weather can be so bipolar. The temperature is typically in the low 50’s when I head to work in the morning, but then rises to the mid 70’s by the late afternoon. Blanket scarves have become one of my favorite fall staples because of their versatility and styling capabilities. Combine with a floppy hat and a pair of riding boots for an effortless, but perfect fall look!

 photo DSC_09252_zpsaha1byse.jpg photo DSC_09312_zpsfwypeoyf.jpg photo DSC_09262_zpsascbpukn.jpg photo DSC_09302_zpsnn4jmxap.jpg photo DSC_09392_zpse01dgfrm.jpg

1 comment on “North Carolina Weather

  1. I live in south eastern Virginia and the weather is bipolar here too! I dress in layers so I can just take off jackets and stuff if it gets too warm out.
    Kiersten @ Autumn Country Girl

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