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O Christmas Tree!

Now that it’s December I can’t help but feel festive! And since I haven’t had the chance to decorate a real Christmas tree yet I decided to make some instead. The best part? They’re super yummy and a perfect treat for your next holiday party! I’ve included the recipe below 🙂 

P.S. I couldn’t get over how well posed Gunner was for these pictures…It must have been because a sweet treat was involved 😉


Bell Sleeve Tunic | Drop Earrings | Faux Leather Leggings | Bow HeelsRewined Candle





Bell Sleeve Tunic | Drop Earrings | Faux Leather Leggings | Bow HeelsRewined Candle

Now for the recipe! I just happened to stumble upon these Christmas tree brownies on Forkly the other day and couldn’t resist recreating them for myself.

Ingredients: 1 bag of white chocolate chips, mini pretzel sticks, brownie mix (I made my own, but you could buy pre-made too), and sprinkles! If you are not a big brownie person you could always try cookies, donuts, or cupcakes for the base…the possibilities are endless!

Other Items: Microwave safe bowl, ziploc bag or piping bag, and wax paper. You can also buy green food coloring if you would like your trees to be green instead of white.


  1. Line the wax paper with rows of mini pretzel sticks
  2. In the microwave safe bowl, melt your chocolate chips in 30 second intervals, stirring at each interval until melted through. I only melted mine for two, 30 second intervals. If you over heat the chocolate chips the mixture will harden…fast.
  3. Pour the melted chocolate into the ziploc or piping bag, and snip the corner to create a small hole.
  4. Quickly begin to drizzle the chocolate over the pretzels in a tree-like pattern and carefully pour the sprinkles before the chocolate sets. I used round sprinkles for the “ornaments” and placed a star at the top of each tree 🙂
  5. Let the trees cool in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.
  6. Peel off of the wax paper, stick into desired dessert, and voilà! A yummy holiday treat!



Happy eating! 😉

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