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coffee date #4

Well guys & gals, it’s officially 2017! And it’s been 8 months since my last coffee date…*palm to face*. Remember when I created a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days back in January of 2015?!  Yeah I kind of forgot about it too…But what better excuse than the New Year to reflect on what I have accomplished thus far and some goals I have moving forward! Scroll through the pictures below to see some of the items I completed from my list in 2016…or jump to the end to see my main focus for 2017.

January- Celebrate Logan’s acceptance to college! #48 a2e27245-c346-46d5-b612-fb58b6240942February- Try new restaurants and bars in Raleigh #55fullsizerenderMarch- Buy a domain name for my blog #3005f1ba5a-e12b-43f1-931c-b511468ca210April- Surprise a loved one with tickets to an event #53 and attend a concert #837da635d6-77ec-49ba-9207-6c80b6ff080eMay- Go on an unplanned road trip #977f227a63-c31b-4ba7-95d5-7db6dc2c29cd4ac7dd7f-24d1-4b1f-9725-5731a97b61bfJune- Visit a new winery #80 and take a cooking class #799b2f6395-c957-41b7-9934-cf1a11ca6f4c93481571-9e5f-44d9-9eb6-f714e548b55cJuly- Watch the sun rise #87cbb8abdd-c601-4cf3-919c-f13b35d94ab39bd64f35-4a5d-4dad-8265-e17b1021bfdaAugust- Visit a new MLB Stadium #65, travel somewhere outside of the US #66, explore a new city on bicycle #68, and visit a new aquarium #74. e948c557-2ea9-4897-a074-7ccb75e7e1d3September- Watch an entire series on Netflix/HBO #8225c835cb-d74c-4161-a205-28dfd2841ef2October- Complete a DIY Pinterest worthy project #88img_0127IMG_0149.JPGNovember- Give a “just because” gift #43  IMG_0200.JPGfullsizerender-3December- Paint a piece of art to display in my home #100img_0445January 2017img_0478IMG_0486.JPG

Wow! 2016 was a great year! For 2017 I’ve decided to focus on goal #101- find my own happiness. Being “happy” looks different to everybody, but for me it’s about being more comfortable in my own skin and not worrying so much about things out of my control. My goal is to maintain a healthy routine, diet, and a positive outlook on life!

xoxo, Alyssa

2 comments on “coffee date #4

  1. Love your goal for 2017! It’s all about finding balance!

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