Wedding Wednesday: The Proposal Story

I can’t believe it….my very first Wedding Wednesday post! These past two weeks have been absolute bliss and it’s so crazy to see our proposal story shared on How He Asked, The Knot, and my ring selfie on The Knot Rings! All I have to say is…Hunter Howell, YOU DID SO GOOD and all of social media thinks so, too! 😉

Hunter and I enjoy celebrating holidays together so each year we rotate which family we visit during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year we planned to spend Thanksgiving with Hunter’s family and Christmas with mine. We woke up early on Thanksgiving because Hunter’s mom wanted to take a Christmas card photo before the holiday festivities began. After getting ready, Hunter and I made our way outside to enjoy our morning beverages by the warm fire. If you didn’t know, I do not drink coffee. Instead, Hunter prepared my absolute favorite… a peppermint hot chocolate!


When I saw the mug and whip cream detail I immediately snapped a pictured because I wanted to post it on Instagram later..ha! Oblivious to the spoon, I enjoyed my drink and chatted with Hunter and his mom for about 10 minutes until he couldn’t stand it anymore! He said to me “If the spoon is in your way you can take it out”, and it was at that time that I noticed the spoon had been engraved to say “Will you marry me?”. Before I could even grasp what was happening, Hunter got down on one knee and proposed! I’ll spare you the pictures of my crying face, but these are memories that I will cherish forever.

Side note: I learned after the proposal that Hunter has been placing spoons in my hot chocolate for the past couple of months so that I wouldn’t be suspicious! Clever!


Stay tuned for more Wedding Wednesday posts to come!!


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