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We Bought a House! Preview of Dining Area + Formal Living Area

It’s been a little over a week since we moved into our new house and it is finally starting to feel like home. Watching the dogs run and play in the backyard puts the biggest smile on my face! Hunter and I hosted a Master’s viewing party on Saturday so we had to really kick things into high gear as far as moving goes! Last week consisted of a lot of cleaning, organizing, and my favorite…decorating!! Although each room is not entirely decorated, it’s the little touches here and there that have made each space feel a little more settled.

First up, our dining area:


I can’t decide which is my favorite… the gallery wall of our engagement photos or the unreal sunflowers I found at Fresh Market. I would like to say thank you to my future mother-in-law for hanging all 9 frames on the wall (I was the helper) 🙂 

Striped Tee | High Waisted Jeans | Gallery Wall Frames (Set of 9)


This bulletin board is technically in our kitchen, but I still wanted to highlight it in this post! I enjoy planning out our weekly dinners on the chalkboard and within the past year I have become quite the cook. Thanks, Hello Fresh! 


And last but not least, our “formal” living area! Because our house is a split-level we actually have two living rooms. I had my doubts at first about ordering a couch online, and a white one nonetheless, but y’all…IT IS GORGEOUS! Not only is it extremely comfy, but it is also very easy to keep clean and worth every single penny! Wayfair has quickly become my go-to for home decor because the prices are amazing for such high quality products. As you can tell this space is no where near complete, but with the addition of a faux fiddle leaf fig tree it’s starting to feel a little more finished. I can’t wait to have some girlfriends over for a cocktail, or two! 😉  

Area Rug | White Sectional | TV Stand | Pillows

 Bar Cart | Pineapple Tray | Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


 Hope y’all enjoyed this little preview of our home! Can’t wait to share more in the near future! xoxo


2 comments on “We Bought a House! Preview of Dining Area + Formal Living Area

  1. Love everything! It looks great.

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